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Your Decision DNA. 


Movement Pattern Analysis is used by leading companies in industries ranging from marketing, health and beauty, business coaching, insurance and accounting to continuously improve individual and team performance as well as overall company strategy and success.

My Decision Profile with Suite Decisions has made a profound impact on the way I manage and lead my team. The analysis uncovered my hidden strengths and weaknesses and has enabled me to improve my decision-making process. I’ve learned the importance of seeking consensus prior to making entrepreneurial rapid-fire judgments. I’ve also learned the value of disseminating my message throughout my organization once a decision has been made. The process has helped us become a stronger team and has accelerated the growth of our company.

Dr. Mark Sanna

CEO, Breakthrough Coaching

I recently worked with Daniela Wancier and Suite Decisions.  I was astonished how comprehensive and accurate their assessment was. This information was the first step to opening my eyes to understanding my behavior, which has led me on an exciting journey of change to understanding others’ behavior. I recommend Suite Decisions to anyone who is looking to understand themselves, to reduce conflict and to improve productivity.

Steven Krane

Co-Founder, Chief Shaving Officer

As an Executive Coach I have extensive experience with several of the profiling tools used in business today.  Movement Pattern Analysis is elite among others for several reasons.  It cannot be gamed by the individual being tested.  The well articulated narrative following the metrics of the report is extraordinarily helpful in both understanding and predicting decision behavior of those tested.  MPA is well ahead of other tools in this respect and instead of simply describing behavior characteristics defines how people come at the decisions they make. 

 When surprise behavior is not an option and most especially in top executive positions, MPA is a superior profiling tool.

Les Deck

Executive Coach, Vistage Chair

I am fascinated by Movement Pattern Analysis! It doesn’t matter what business you are in because the tangible capital of every business is people. The MPA framework has helped me to better understand my team and pull much greater value from them. For me personally on a day-to-day basis, I face my greatest challenge with more awareness by having my Decision Profile. I am more tuned into my drive to spend time in action for the sake of executing versus spending time strategizing. So now I don’t get caught up in all the check marks, but have a more balanced approach to tackling both my urgent and long-term goals.

Lillian Roberts

Founder, TKO Distributors, Inc.

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