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Our interactive, on-site workshops bring the best out of your team by building:
trust, self-awareness and team harmony.

1 Hour Workshops

Ready, Aim, Fire! – 3 Stages of Decision-Making

This workshop educates your team about the framework for balanced decision-making.

Positive Results: tools to execute timely and informed decisions to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Team Dynamics – Are You in Sync?

This workshop about communication styles is a deep dive into understanding why teams work better together or experience conflict.

Key Takeaways: enhanced team dynamics for highly effective communication with internal and external clients.

Pushing Through the Ceiling

This workshop focuses on the topic of “Hitting the Ceiling” – as a company, team, or individual.

Measurable Outcomes: understanding of the 5 Leadership Abilities needed for your team to break through the ceiling and become their best.

2 Hour Workshops

New Heights

This powerful session combines EOS®’s unique program with MPA’s effective decision framework.

Proven Results: systems to hold your team accountable and to streamline decision-making for optimal performance.

Mix and match any 1-hour package into a 2-hour workshop!

4 Hour Workshop

Ready to be Great?

Want more? This workshop is uniquely designed to meet your needs. Contact us so we can build a custom program for you.

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