Movement Pattern Analysis

A single decision takes seconds to make; its effects last a lifetime.


Mitigate the potential challenges you face utilizing the strengths of your unique decision-making style.


Do you:

  • Constantly put out fires?
  • Miss opportunities?

Does your team:

  • Fail to synchronize?
  • Get lost in the weeds?

Is there:

  • Miscommunication fueling conflict?
  • Unnecessary stress compromising morale?


Learn how you can utilize the strengths of your unique decision-making style to mitigate the potential challenges you face.


Do you:

  • Feel like you are constantly putting out fires?
  • Miss opportunities?

Does your team:

  • Fail to synchronize?
  • Spend too much time planning rather than executing?

Is there:

  • Miscommunication that fuels conflict?
  • Unnecessary stress that brings down morale?

We offer solutions to help you streamline the process. Prioritize your time and energy to effect more productive and positive decisions.

Improve Company Strategy

Make more intentional decisions by understanding individual strengths and challenges when implementing goals.

Enhance Your Leadership

Know the unique ways in which your leadership influences company strategy and culture.

Alleviate Team Conflict

Work through miscommunication in team dynamics. Examine and differentiate individual profiles highlighting styles of interaction.

Maximize Human Power

Hire smart. Form and restructure teams effectively. Compare an individual’s profile with the job description to confirm alignment of strengths and preferences.


Videotape Individual Interviews

Movement observation is the core of what we do. As experts, we look for 16 different integrated body movements. We tally and compute the totals into percentage-based data. The allocation of your percentages offers insight into your motivational preferences. This highlights the whys and hows of success or struggle for balanced decision-making.

A relaxed body is completely authentic. This is a key aspect. The integrated movements we code, because they are less conscious moments, cannot be mimicked or altered. 

The patterning of movement is unique to each individual. These habitual movements form the baseline of behavior. They reveal your unique propensities for action.

Feedback Sessions

These meetings are held with individuals and teams to report findings.

Customizable team seminars are available to enhance team performance and harmony on specific project initiatives.

Continued Consulting

Monthly webinars and coaching calls are offered to individuals and teams for leveraging and integrating information.

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