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At Suite Decisions, we are passionate about growing businesses and arming our clients with information and systems that will help them run their businesses with purpose and efficiency. Our Decision Profilers and Consultants are experts who advise from experience. Our mission is simple: create a more meaningful workday for business leaders and their teams.

Our Decision Profilers are certified movement analysts offering a complementary approach to personality testing. We objectively observe your integrated body movements and analyze their patterns. Your motivations for action and interaction are revealed with 99% accuracy. With teams, we compare the findings of each member to address differences of approach and areas of potential conflict to increase effectiveness.

 Our Consultants are expert business coaches and marketers that believe in process and systems – whether it’s implementing the Entrepreneur’s Operating System (EOS), or a marketing system into your business, we will hold executive teams and CEOs accountable, resulting in strong habits that generate business growth.


At Suite Decisions we offer three distinct services:

Movement Pattern Analysis. We decode your individual fingerprint on decision-making – your Decision DNA. We utilize MPA (our decision-making framework) to analyze leadership style and interaction preferences. We utilize MPA (our decision-making framework) to analyze leadership style and interaction preferences.

Through Decision Profiling, we stimulate your organization’s performance by: 

  • Developing leaders who are self aware
  • Synchronizing teams for balanced decision-making
  • Facilitating superior new hires  
  • Creating a culture of continual quality improvement

We show you how your motivations to act are truly unique – 1 out of 36 billion. 

Entrepreneur’s Operating System. We implement EOS into all levels of your organization through a proven, simple, highly effective set of practical tools that will help CEOs and executive teams get more of what they want out of their business.

DTM Marketing System. We coach and train leaders on implementing a systematic marketing program for your business. Our specialists build marketing strategy and can also serve as your marketing execution team. 

Daniela Wancier: Co-Founder and Principal

Daniela Wancier – MFA, CLMA, MPA – is 1 out of 35 Certified Movement Pattern Analysts worldwide. She dedicates her career to the study of movement.

“With MPA, you will gain greater self-awareness and find improvement in your daily performance as well as in your interactions with people. Suite Decisions is committed to assisting you and your team minimize decision-making obstacles so you can elevate personal productivity, team performance and overall company success!”

Salomon Wancier: Co-Founder and Principal

Salomon is co-founder of Suite Decisions.  Salomon is an accomplished, creative senior executive with a 20-year record of directing marketing initiatives. He’s worked with companies ranging from start-up to national industry leaders, managing Fortune 1000 accounts and building strong cross-functional teams. Salomon believes marketing is a system and is an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.

Salomon’s business growth experience includes building commercial real estate finance company Silver Hill Financial into an industry powerhouse as a member of the executive management team, Founding SolutionIQ a small business marketing agency that was sold to Illuminati Studios in 2013 and serving as CMO for equity crowd funding company EarlyShares. Salomon has embraced EOS Worlwide (Entrepreneur’s Operating System) into his business coaching practice because of it’s simplicity and successful track record across thousands of companies.

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